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About US

GRAF NATURAL WELLNESS invites you to discover the paths that allow you to live in “perfect balance”.


Health & Natural Wellness Specialist

Allow yourself to radiate LOVE and exhibit genuine PEACE without claiming, taking or needing anything from the outside world.

Cinthia Graf-Newman, and her group of Natural Wellness Specialists will guide you with insightful workshops on how to keep your life in focus.

You can greatly benefit from living in self awareness, living and feeling in the HERE and NOW, and improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

We are living in miraculous times, and this earthly journey is amazing.

“Learn to live in abundance from within you”.

Health & Wellness Specialist

"Learn the secret of how to balance giving and receiving with Joy".

GRAF NATURAL WELLNESS will advise you on how to naturally align the body, the mind and spirit, by allowing positive emotions, run happily throughout your perfect being.


GRAF NATURAL WELLNESS Reconnects Emotions, Mind and Body into a whole Energetic Unity. Our mission is to help you sooth the mind, balance the emotions and re-build self trust.

You don't need to live in fear, defending yourself
from the world we live in today.

Our mission is to help you understand that if you want to feel protected, you need to create an armor of LOVE and perpetual flexibility.


We believe that having our Energetic bodies in unity is the way to stay healthy, plentiful and whole.