It’s probably safe to say that chocolate—especially good chocolate—is one of the few luxuries in life we don’t take for granted. Our visceral, emotional connection to chocolate is revealed every time we take a bite. We crave it, we appreciate it, and we remember it.

However, while we may not take tutella-socolat-chocolates-fweb-59it for granted, we probably don’t think too much about how it came to be that we can enjoy one of life’s succulent pleasures.


It’s been proven that the right kind of chocolate, consumed in moderation, does have health benefits. Chocolate itself is rich in antioxidants—the darker the chocolate the more antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants can have broad benefits to the body as they help to reduce oxidative stress, which supports the health of numerous biological functions.

I created Tutella Chocolat, a blend of tutella-socolat-chocolates-fweb-42various types of chocolate with various types of benefits. I combine Ordinary Edible Plants & Culinary Spices to create unique formulas. Our Chocolate blends & Protein treats are rich in: probiotics, enzymes, fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Therefore all of our chocolates provide regularity, immunity and a more healthy weight.  Tutella Chocolat are not only great tasting to the pallet but have extraordinary “Well-being Powers”

Stay tune…. Our website will be up and running soon…. 

For now, to place an order please call 970-286-1736 direct or contact us at cindy@grafnaturalwellness.com 



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